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Walton Centre Neuro


I understand Dr Nicolas Silver is the CH neuro to be seen at the Walton Centre in Livepool.

Can anyone who sees him let me know how easy it is to see him and can you get urgent appointments within a few days for example if you want a GNOB.

I live just north of Manchester.

I am an episodic sufferer but my bouts tend to last between 6-9 months. I have always seen Dr Matharu at QS and have always been very happy with my treatment there but more importantly I get the ability to email or phone his nurse for advice and get a response the same day and if required I can get an appointment within 2 days to go down and have a GONB or see Dr Matharu.

I ask this question as it is much closer to travel to Liverpool but would I still get very quick treatment within days (not weeks) with Dr Silver on the NHS and the quick support like I do at QS?

Any personal experiences would be useful as I wouldn't want to jeapodise my current treatment by changing hastely.



Thu, 11/12/2014 - 15:47
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Andy most patients of Dr Silver give very favourable reports and I believe he has a headache nurse you can call when you are in trouble.  I know you post on FB, and Sal and a couple of others have given their opinions of Dr S.  It must be good, because last year we gave him the OUCH Achievement Award for assisting cluster headache sufferers. 

Val. ;)

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