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Mike Pollock Award 2019

The poll is now closed - thank you to all who voted.

Our winner is Toryn Ahmet Tucker, congratulations to Toryn - you can read more about him here.

In 2017 we created The Mike Pollock award to honour our late, much missed chairman. We wanted to do something special in Mike's memory and so now, each year, this award goes to a CH hero in the UK. Someone who has shown outstanding and compassionate support to cluster headache sufferers.

The first two recipients of the award were Darren Hamilton, who is well known in the CH community for his commitment to helping other sufferers and Tracy Wakefield who has supported our charity with her many fundraising events (extra miles, for sure!) and who therefore shows support for all CH sufferers. Worthy winners indeed.

Mike would love to see this award bearing his name go to someone who is compassionate and a great support to others and I'm sure he'd be very pleased with any one of this year's candidates!

Thank you for sending your nominations, voting is now open for this year's award! Our nominees are listed below and at the bottom of the page you can select and submit your vote. Voting closes on at 12 noon on Monday 9th December 2019.

Hi I would like to nominate Tony Barker, he has for years suffered multiple conditions but still has always given kind words of support to so many including myself, passed on his knowledge and experience of medical treatments and still, despite the pain he suffers every day, still has a great sense of humour that shines through, a kind friend to many. 
Darren Hamilton

ANNE TURNER (note: to avoid any confusion, this nominee is not Trustee Anne Turner)
I would like to nominate Anne Turner for the Mike Pollock award.  Anne was one of the first people who reached out to me when I was in a particularly horrific place at the beginning of my CH journey. Despite being a sufferer herself, Anne always goes the extra mile to support other people with cluster headache and I know she is truly adored by so many.

Words can't describe the support Anne has given to me. She's understanding and patient. A listening ear day or night. At the beginning of my diagnosis she was full of really helpful tips and advice. She's given me a really stern talking to on several occasions when I could easily have given up. This without a doubt saved my life. She gave me the strength to carry on when I really felt that CH had beaten me. She has an amazing sense of humour and helps people to see things in a different light when they're struggling to see positives in life.  I know I speak for many in our community when I saw she's nothing short of a guardian angel and it would mean the world to me if she could be recognised for all of the hard work and support she puts into others.
Ellie Regan

I nominate Toryn Ahmet Tucker (my son) for his documentary he made to help raise awareness for CH. He has over 3.5 thousand shares of his video on YouTube and has been shared via Facebook support groups in the uk and abroad.
Clare Tucker

I want to put Vicky Quarshie up for the Mike Pollock award because not only is she helping me through my CCH, she is helping me with the depression that goes with it. People forget that it's not only the attacks, it's the mental part too. If I'm feeling really bad I call Vicky and she will talk.  I have had lots to put up with and Vicky has been there for me.  I have tried to commit suicide before and Vicky was there to pick me up, so could you put her up for the award please.
Vivian Beilby

Mike Pollock saved my life when I was first diagnosed 11 years ago ... he called me back from the OUCH phone line and spoke to me for three and a half hours on that first night .... he stopped me from doing something stupid ...
Mike was, and still is my total CH hero. I would nominate him x
Nothing more fitting than a hero of the cause winning his own award.
Andy Wild

I would like to nominate Neil Boast for the Mike Pollock Award. He has been pivotal in my own journey providing me advice that lead to me getting my own demand valve after months of GP refusing. Advice I have taken forward and used which successfully got my injection prescription upped too. Instead of saying “can I have...” Ask the doctors “why can’t I have...”

He’s not a sufferer as far as I’m aware, however he always takes time out of his own to comment on posts offering advice and create videos for us all around oxygen, demand valves etc. Posts on the Facebook group show that it’s something he has spoken to GPs about, to raise awareness. The fact that he doesn’t suffer means all the more as he has clearly spent a lot of time researching and talking to us sufferers so that he can truly understand what it is like for us.

He’s our personal oxygen man and a real asset to the Facebook group and CH community.
Georgia Martinez

I would like to nominate Michelle Tabitha Bridge for the Mike Pollock award..
Paul Bannister

Please select your option below and click the Vote button - thank you (poll now closed).


Tony Barker
4% (6 votes)
Anne Turner
8% (11 votes)
Toryn Ahmet Tucker
70% (99 votes)
Vicky Quarshie
3% (4 votes)
Mike Pollock
4% (6 votes)
Neil Boast
6% (9 votes)
Michelle Tabitha Bridge
5% (7 votes)
Total votes: 142

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