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If you've ever said you wanted to do something to help sufferers and you are a sufferer yourself, well here is your opportunity!
Study of CGRPss in Episodic Cluster Headache
Professor Goadsby at King's College Hospital, London is looking for volunteers for an important study of CGRPs [calcitonin gene related peptides] in episodic cluster headache sufferers. The criteria for participants for the CGRP TRIAL have been amended:

  • The participant needs to be an episodic or chronic sufferer;  if episodic within first two to three weeks of cycle; can be at very start of the cycle but need to have 8 weeks of cycle left after enrolling to this trial; chronic sufferers, newly diagnosed and/or never tried preventives.
  • Not taking any preventives
  • If you are not yet in cycle, but would be willing to take part, please apply giving an approximate date for your cycle commencement.  Do not start your usual preventive, but notify the research team immediately you know you are in cycle.  

Please contact info@ouchuk.org if you wish to apply, giving your contact details, telephone number and date of birth.
Thank you.
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