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Professor Goadsby wins prestigious award

OUCH (UK) is very pleased and proud to announce that their chairman and patron, Professor Peter  Goadsby, is one of four eminent neuroscience researchers who have jointly been awarded the prestigious Lundbeck Foundation annual Brain Prize for their work in the field of neuroscience, with particular regard to the mechanism of migraine, which has led to the development of innovative new treatment for this disabling condition.  The Professor's co-recipients are Professor Dr Lars Edvinson, Professor Michael Moskowitz, and Professor Jes Olesen.

Professor Goadsby is a world authority on the even rarer condition cluster headache and his commitment to reducing the pain of all those who suffer a severe headache condition is a lifelong driving force in this remarkable man’s research.

This award is very special to OUCH (UK) as Professor Peter Goadsby is of course our chairman and patron.  OUCH owes its foundation to the Professor, as the organisation was formed when several sufferers met and talked at one of his clinics leading to the foundation of the charity in 2002.

Our warmest congratulations to the Professor and his colleagues.

Click on the button below to see the Lundbeck Foundation video of the announcement and winners' remarks.


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