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DWP consultation on Work, Health and Disability

This may be the first time that not just a TAC sufferer can do something positive to make the DWP work benefit system better, but their families and friends also. It is a HUGE opportunity for every member and their families to do something really positive and we strongly urge you to take part in this consultation.

OUCH has representation, through Headache UK, in the All Party Parliamentary Group on Headache Disorders. At a recent meeting in the Commons, our newly appointed representative, trustee Elizabeth Kelly, addressed the meeting on her experiences as a disabled person with the DWP and other government departments. It was a powerful and well-received address. Elizabeth was approached by the DWP representative at the meeting who suggested OUCH members should take part in the DWP Consultation on Work, Health and Disability; she also asked for a copy of Elizabeth's address to the meeting.

The Consultation consists of a questionnaire which disabled individuals are asked to complete, the purpose being to gain a better understanding of the applicant's experiences with the DWP and benefits, and how best to improve the present system.

The DWP want to hear not just from sufferers, but from employers, health care professionals, families, friends, teachers and carers and from voluntary and community organisations. For full details of how and who can contribute click HERE.

We also need you to contact your MP and make them aware of the consultation and your experiences with the DWP regarding employment. You can refer them to the above link for further information.

The outcome of this consultation could mean that the DWP as a whole will be made aware of cluster headache and the other TACs and how they affect sufferers lives, as well as leading to improvements to the whole system of assessing disabled applicants for work related benefits.

So answer that questionnaire, get your families and friends to chime in, let your MP know. If you don't know your MP's name, you can search HERE, by your postcode, your constituency or your MP's name.

The consultation closes in February, so we need you to act as soon as possible. If you have questions or queries, contact info@ouchuk.org.


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