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About OUCH(uk)

OUCH (UK) was officially launched on Saturday June 9th 2001 and became a registered charity on May 8th 2002.

We exist to raise general awareness of Cluster Headache within the medical profession and the general public. We offer support and guidance to sufferers and their families and work closely with the Royal Free Hospital and King's College Hospital in London where our Patron, Professor Peter Goadsby is based.

Professor Goadsby's team carry out clinical and laboratory-based research into the mechanisms and management of headache syndromes in the group of headaches known as trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias, including cluster headache. The Professor is widely acknowledged to be amongst the foremost clinical/translational consultants in headache in the world. Many of our members, both sufferers and supporters, have participated in the research carried out there.

We produce regular newsletters/information leaflets and to date have held several regional meetings around the country.

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