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Cluster Headache Awareness Day

Cluster Headache Awareness Day is rapidly approaching and we need your help!

The theme of CHAD this year is what it is like living with cluster headache.  We need you to tell us in no more than 500 words, what life is like for you with this disease.  And we would also like your permission to use quotes from your story, and/or to be interviewed in the media by a journalist.

This is your chance to tell non-sufferers what you go through in your daily life and how it differs from a non-sufferer’s life; the difficulties you experience even with GPs, getting the right meds, getting a referral; how it has affected your personal relationships, your employment, and how it restricts even decisions about when to go out. 

We need your replies as soon as possible, and by Monday 18th March

This is a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of the disease and to read it/hear it in the words of sufferers.

Send your entries to info@ouchuk.org together with your contact details and permission indication.

Thank you.

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