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OUCH Christmas Lights Fundraiser - Hi everyone, I'm Paul. I'm doing this fundraiser due to suffering chronic cluster headaches myself. I'm supporting OUCH with this fundraiser to help spread awareness of this illness.
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Hi everyone!

This year I'm supporting OUCH with this fundraiser not only to fundraise but to support & spread awareness of this illness as it's not every day you hear about people with chronic/episodic cluster headaches.

I'm pleased to be a part of this fundraiser as I've suffered with chronic cluster headaches for the last 3/4 years & took near enough a year to find out what I had as every doctor etc I saw hadn't heard about this illness. I finally got the help I needed after seeing the right person and they finally diagnosed me with chronic cluster headaches.

This fundraiser is important to me as it's not only myself who suffers, there are so many people out there who suffer in silence & there's no better way of getting the word out than supporting OUCH with this fundraiser just to help people understand a little bit better.

It'll be a pleasure for people to come and see the lights & donate to a great cause, little or big it'll be a big difference! 

You can find us in Luton, Bedfordshire 

Location: 48 Springfield Road, LU3 2HF (brightest house on the street) 4:00pm till 10pm everyday until 1st jan 2023 

Best wishes & merry christmas!

Paul S


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